Protecting Your Family’s Online Reputation: A Conversation About Child & Family Social Media Habits
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Our children are growing up with the internet, computers and mobile phones. This early exposure brings tremendous convenience, but it also puts them—and families—at a greater risk for cyber threats, according to a new survey from the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout. In addition to school dances and driver’s licenses, young people face dangerous new rites of passage in the form of phishing attacks, cyber bullying and identity theft.

Watch our webinar, Protecting Your Family’s Online Reputation: A Conversation About Child & Family Social Media Habits, which will explore the results of a survey on how parents monitor kids’ online behavior, just in time for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. After just 40 minutes, you’ll gain

  • A clear picture of the cyber threats facing families today
  • A list of the most common methods of attack—and how to defend against them
  • Strategies for educating children about online dangers
  • Elements of good cyber hygiene
  • Proactive and reactive measures to outsmart cyber criminals
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