Secure Your State's Election Integrity and Voter Data
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State elections boards experienced an unprecedented number of cyber attacks during the 2016 elections.

Even states that managed to successfully defend their technology, processes and people had the burden of proving that their election was free and fair.

This is just the beginning of a new era in our democracy, one where state election boards will be thrust onto the front lines of cyber warfare.

CyberScout Election Security and Privacy Services helps states election boards:

  • Protect the privacy of voter data and rolls – We assess hacking vulnerabilities and provide guidance for properly securing networks and implementing processes statewide.
  • Harden the security of voting processes and systems – We survey your infrastructure for vulnerabilities, inventory your attack surfaces, and build a threat model prioritized by risk and likelihood.
  • Maintain evidence of the results – We provide technical consultation on post-election auditing procedures, recommending the most appropriate and effective methodologies and strategies.

Strategize new initiatives – We help define security requirements for future systems based each state's unique circumstances, and introduce a security-first approach into design and implementation.

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